Framebuffer port of GTK/GDK !!

I am interested in low end embedded systems, and I am interested in 
GNU/Linux. Unfortunately a working graphical enviroment to use and run GTK 
programs needs at least more than 200MB of secondary memory.

I have been looking at GTK. From what I understand *all* you have to port to 
get a full GTK enviroment running without X, (which is needed for low memory 
useage, both internal and secondary) ported is GDK, the underlying drawing 
toolkit. This has also been done, there is a ms-windows port of GDK, GTK and 
the gimp, using the former.

So, to get the GTK programs to run on small (embedded ?) system, we need to 
port GDK to a non X-windows enviroment.

I just want to point out to everyone interested that NOW is the time to do 
this, soon is to late. Trolltech has announced that there will soon be a QT 
version that uses only the framebuffer, aiming at low end and embedded 
systems. If we dont, and I dont, want to loose grounds for our free GTK 
toolkit to the propriatery QT toolkit all interested should act now.

Johan Stenfors
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