Re: File Dialog (Last One!)

-> 	Would it be possible to add a modified TAB completion
-> feature?  This could be done in two ways:

	It's time to move this discussion off gtk-devel.  Please subscribe
to the list mentioned in the last message of this thread.

	I will be subscribing on Monday.

-> 	1) While typing, the file list reflects only the matched
-> files.  So after typing the letters "ran" you would only see files with
-> names like "random_notes.txt", "ranFromMyParents.doc", "ransom.c",
-> etc.  This would update as you type.

	This would cause a great deal of flashing in the list, confusing
users.  Bad Idea.

-> 	2) Something more like IE's URL entry widget.  As you type, it
-> adjusts a drop down list in a similar way, and "suggests" possibilities
-> which you press a key to accept.  (say...  TAB?)

	I like this idea.  We need to think these things through.  I
already see that I need to defend a "New Directory" and "Rename File"
button in the widget.  I suggest all interested parties read this month's
Gnome-UI archive, it has some good threads on this.

	Remember, don't reply to this list.  See you guys Monday.


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