GtkColorSelection patch

OK, here we go, once again. Hopefully things will work out this time. :) 

Anyhow, I've implemented the GtkColorSelection TODO list item as far as I
know. Here's a list of changes (there's more changes since the last time I
posted this list): 

* The structures and functions are renamed from ...selection2... to
...selection... (This is how they were in gnome-colorsel. 
* Moved gtk-color-selection2.c,h to gtkcolorsel.c,h
* Fixed a bug where the HSV wheel wasn't drawing right (in gtkhsv.c)
* Added GtkColorSelectionDialog. It has now been put into it's own pair of
files, gtkcolorseldialog.h,c
* Updated docs/Changes-1.4.txt to reflect this (Rewrite it if you like). 
* Made the color palette not display by default (doesn't seem to make
sense to do this by default). 
* Ditto for opacity. 
* Removed the frame from around the GtkColorSelection in the
GtkColorSelectionDialog and instead made GtkColorSelectionDialog a derived
class of GtkDialog (suggestion from Havoc).
* Removed the gnome-colorsel test program stuff. 
* Made the GtkColorSelectionDialog window not be resizable. 
* Updated gtk/ to place gtkcolorseldialog.h in the public
headers, gtkcolorseldialog.c in the sources, gtkhsv.c in the sources
(gtkhsv.h is not in the public headers). 
* Updated gtk/gtk.h to include gtkcolorseldialog.h

As I mentioned before, gtkcolorsel.c,h is pretty much a total rewrite from
the stuff Havoc and the gang did for gnome-colorsel. 

Because of this, it's a pretty involved set of changes. I've included a
patch that updates all the files currently in CVS (gtk.h, gtkcolorsel.h,
gtkcolorsel.c,, Changes-1.4.txt). gtkcolorsel.c,h are pretty
inovled, though, because as I mentioned, they were totally
redone. Additionally, I've included as an attachment gtkhsv.c, gtkhsv.h,
gtkcolorseldialog.c, gtkcolorseldialog.h, which need to be checked
in. Some of these things maybe should be renamed, or the changes
rephrased, but I just went ahead and gave it a shot. 

 - David :) 


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