Re: Alternative DnD cursors

Damon Chaplin wrote:
> Here's my attempt at some better DnD cursors.
> Build & run the attached program to see them and compare them with
> the current ones.

I think the "angle" type of cursors could be confused with the "angle"
cursor images that are already in the standard X cursor font.

When it comes to the specific subimages, I would prefer a "hand" instead
of the arrow for "move". It is the commonly used metaphor for moving things
around. A hand image has been attached to this mail.

> Also, do we have to stick to a size of 16x16?
> Maybe we could try to use nicer 32x32 cursors by default and fallback
> to 16x16 if needed. (How many systems are limited to 16x16?)

IMHO, cursor size should be user-defined. Users usually change the size
(or appearance) of their X cursors by replacing the cursor font file with
another one. I think special cursors should be in a special font so that
users would be able to customize the images.
I don't have any problem with GTK installing an extra font.

<shameless plug>
  I have drawn a better-looking X cursor font than the default.
</shameless plug>

/ Johan
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