Re: GtkColorSelection patch

David Santiago <> writes:

> OK, here we go, once again. Hopefully things will work out this time. :) 
> Anyhow, I've implemented the GtkColorSelection TODO list item as far as I
> know. Here's a list of changes (there's more changes since the last time I
> posted this list): 

This looks good.

A few comments, which are really about Havoc and Jonathan's, original 
but perhaps you would be interested in fixing up:

 - The copyright on gtkcolorsel.[ch] should be Red Hat, Inc,
   not J. Arthur Random.

   The boilerplate about modifications by the GTK+ team and
   others found in the rest of the GTK+ source files should
   be added in as well.

 - I don't think the spinbutton works very well for opacity - 
   it takes about 10 seconds to go to one extreme or the other.
   I think the right thing to have is a Entry / Slider
   combination, like in the current GtkColorSel.

   With the current packing, the slide will be a bit too short.
   I think the right way to fix this is to make the palette
   entries a bit wider in this case and to add some spacing
   among the spin button widgets up top.

 - The behavior of the color picker button is not quite right.
   Currently if you click on the button and drag out you 
   get continuous updates, otherwise you get a discrete
   update to the point where you clicked.

   The clicking and dragging out should be removed - which 
   will simplify the code a bunch. Then, once you click on
   a point, you should be able to drag around and get continuous
   updates until you release.

Thanks for working on this,

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