Re: Alternative DnD cursors

Marc Flerackers wrote:
> Personally I like them better black with white border, since, as explained
> on, it gives better contrast on
> white. I would also increase the thickness of the question mark and the plus
> sign, since they are quite tiny.
> I attached an example of these changes. I included two link icons, I think
> the link (two rings) is more international than the shortcut sign.

I think yours go together a bit better than mine. Maybe Owen will like them
a bit better as well, since they are bolder.

But I don't like using two rings to depict a link. It took me ages to realize
what this was in the original cursors. (I've had problems with it before in
a few apps as well.)

> I don't know if the stippled rectangle is needed, since in gtk a shaped
> window follows the icon (with a file for example) while dragging.

I think the stippled rectangle is needed if you don't set the icon, so you
know that something is being dragged. If it is annoying when an icon is set,
then maybe we need 2 sets of icons.


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