RE: Alternative DnD cursors

Personally I like them better black with white border, since, as explained
on, it gives better contrast on
white. I would also increase the thickness of the question mark and the plus
sign, since they are quite tiny.

I attached an example of these changes. I included two link icons, I think
the link (two rings) is more international than the shortcut sign.

I don't know if the stippled rectangle is needed, since in gtk a shaped
window follows the icon (with a file for example) while dragging.

Marc Flerackers (
Software Engineer

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> Damon Chaplin
> Sent: Sunday, 23 April, 2000 00:47
> To: Gtk Developers List
> Subject: Alternative DnD cursors
> Here's my attempt at some better DnD cursors.
> Build & run the attached program to see them and compare them with
> the current ones.
> Also, do we have to stick to a size of 16x16?
> Maybe we could try to use nicer 32x32 cursors by default and fallback
> to 16x16 if needed. (How many systems are limited to 16x16?)
> Damon


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