Re: GTK for MacOS

On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 10:53:07AM +0200, Arnaud Masson wrote:
> >To sum up, if we think we can add a port to the GTK+ tree without
> >creating maintanence problems for ourself, we'll do it.
> I have almost changed nothing in GLib and GTK, but I have begun a full
> rewrite of GDK for MacOS (like the BeOS port) and it seems to works.
> Is it the right thing to do ?


I now carry a powerbook with me everywhere I go, so if you post instructions
on how to install what you have thus far (and what software I need), I would 
be very interested in playing around and perhaps helping out.  Even if all 
it does is compile in a bunch of stub functions or compiles and crashes macos, 
that would still be cool.


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