Re: GTK for MacOS

Arnaud Masson <> writes:

> >To sum up, if we think we can add a port to the GTK+ tree without
> >creating maintanence problems for ourself, we'll do it.
> I have almost changed nothing in GLib and GTK, but I have begun a full
> rewrite of GDK for MacOS (like the BeOS port) and it seems to works.
> Is it the right thing to do ?

If you get the HEAD version of GTK from CVS.

you'll see that the way it works now is that there is a directory 
structure with:

 gdk/          - port independent stuff
 gdk/x11       - X11 stuff
 gdk/win32     - Windows stuff
The idea is to avoid duplication for header files, and for parts
of GDK that don't depend on the windowing system.

So, you would create

And then you "only" have to implement the equivalent set of functions
to what you find in gdk/win32.

Note that the interfaces between the "port independent" and
"port dependent" parts of GDK are not fixed yet, so if you find
anything that would be more convenient a different way, don't
hesitate to send suggestions.


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