Re: gtk_window_set_policy () question

David Santiago <> writes:
> Howdy. Kinda sending this out to test the waters, see if the list is back
> up. Maybe it'll get sent, maybe it won't. Maybe it won't, and then it'll
> get sent when the list is back up. Woohoo. 
> Anyhow, my question is related to the GTK+ 1.2 documentation. In the
> documentation for the function gtk_window_set_policy (), it goes on to say
> that this function should really be changed to something like 
> void gtk_window_set_user_resizeable (GtkWidget* window, gboolean setting); 
> This sounds like a good idea to me. Any plans for actually doing this? It
> doesn't seem to have been done yet, and as far as I can tell, it's fairly
> easy to do. Could even keep the old one in and just have it call the new
> one (with a notice that it's deprecated, or what not). 

Owen saw me write that in the docs and didn't complain too much, so
it's likely a patch for that would be accepted. Sounds like a

As for how to implement it internally, since backward compat for
set_policy() should be maintained, and user_resizeable() is a subset
of set_policy(), I would say user_resizeable should just be:
  if (resizeable)   
    set_policy(blah blah can't remember the order)
    set_policy(blah blah)

Also user resizeable should probably be a READWRITE object argument.

Just some thoughts,

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