gtk_window_set_policy () question

Howdy. Kinda sending this out to test the waters, see if the list is back
up. Maybe it'll get sent, maybe it won't. Maybe it won't, and then it'll
get sent when the list is back up. Woohoo. 

Anyhow, my question is related to the GTK+ 1.2 documentation. In the
documentation for the function gtk_window_set_policy (), it goes on to say
that this function should really be changed to something like 

void gtk_window_set_user_resizeable (GtkWidget* window, gboolean setting); 

This sounds like a good idea to me. Any plans for actually doing this? It
doesn't seem to have been done yet, and as far as I can tell, it's fairly
easy to do. Could even keep the old one in and just have it call the new
one (with a notice that it's deprecated, or what not). 

Just wondering, 
  - David :) 

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