OLE2 Dnd

I'm currently trying to add OLE2 drag and drop to the win32 version of gtk+.
However the documentation of the dnd signals is not yet documented. Can
someone complete this :

signal -> send when .. -> to

drag-begin         -> ?                   -> ?
drag-end           -> ?                   -> ?
drag-data-delete   -> delete the data     -> source
drag-leave         -> ?                   -> target
drag-motion        -> drag is on widget   -> target
drag-drop          -> drag is dropped     -> target
drag-data-get      -> target wants data   -> source
drag-data-received -> target got data     -> target

I'm working on a test application, not yet on the gdk, gtk+ source. At the
moment I can drop text and URL's from windows programs to gtk and vice
versa. If anyone wants to help or look at the code, just mail me ^_^. I'll
try to put it online somewhere.

Marc Flerackers (mflerackers@androme.be)
Software Engineer

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