Re: becoming embebbed

I must write to agree with the former sender, memory is also for me much 
more important that speed. Swapping eats up every possible speed increase.

How about adding a run-time option for memory or speed, in the case of the 
algorithm below this should not give too much overhead.
(BTW, the option, as well as its consequences can be made possible to define 
out at compile time, if wanted.)

>memory has been the most brutal hit for me personally, I have to pick the 
>boring plain themes and stuff and find things I can kill to conserve 
>memory. I
>personally would be quite willing to trade some of that speed away for some
>memory (sure, it's quicker to use an O(nlgn) algorithm instead of an O(n^2) 
>until you try running it in swap...)
>would it be too much to ask for a --conservative-memory flag and #ifdef the
>smaller/slower algorithms in place? (or put in the framework and some docs 
>future gtk hackers/gnomers in the same situation as me can fill in the 


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