Re: bug in gtklayout? (take two)

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Owen Taylor wrote:
> writes:
>> The code below displays a arrow when run.
>> When you press the button, then the arrow should disappear
>> because of the gtk_widget_hide() call and another appear.
>> But the arrow don't disappear until the window is redrawn
>> (for example by moving another window over it with the mouse).
>Thanks for the report. This turned up some fairly long-standing
>bugs in the redraw-queueing code.

I tried to manually (with cut 'n paste) apply your changes against
gtk 1.2.4 and had partial success.  (I only have modem access so 
I won't do cvs checkout if it can be avoided)

The widget that should disappear does. But the other one that 
should appear don't (moving a window over it makes it appear).

It gets drawn the second time I click the button.

If it works for you then perhaps there are other relevant changes 
in the cvs tree.

/ Ralf

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