GTK 'unload'ability

 I've been wanting to be able to unload the GTK library, but it has been
impossible due to the use of the 'atexit' function as the only unloading
method.  I would really appriciate it if someone added support for
uninitializing GTK without actually exiting the program,  which is quite
- Rename gtk_exit_func to gtk_uninit, and make it global (in gtkmain.h)
- Rename gtk's initialization function to name_real, and have it accept a
  parameter whether to 'atexit' or not.  Then have the init function
  (gtk_init_check if I'm not mistaken) call that initialization function
  and tell it to use atexit.  But also globalize the initialization function
  that can use NO atexit,  so it is possible to uninit GTK without exiting.
If someone applied this patch to the CVS tree, I'd appriciate it...
Thanks, Eyal Lotem

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