Re: The best widget to use for graphics?

Giorgos Keramidas <> writes:

> Jamie <> writes:
> > Hi everybody
> > 
> > I am developing a graphical maths application, and need to have an image
> > on the screen that is updated by my math code (which, incidentally, is
> > in another thread).
> Threading... ahem, good for you.  Keep in mind though that it is *one* thread
> that can use the drawing functions.

[ At a time. You can use the GDK threading functions so that multiple
  threads can access GDK in a safe manner - there is a section
  in the FAQ that provides some details ]
> > The drawing area widget looks good, but I can't find any docs on how to
> > draw onto it. 
> If you have the sources to GTK+, then the directory `examples' contains the
> demo `scribble' that should tell you a lot about drawing areas.

This example comes from the tutorial, so reading the appropriate
section of the tutorial will also help.


BTW - this question really belongs on gtk-list or gtk-app-deve-list,
since it doesn't cover the development of GTK+.

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