Re: Text widget crashing

Anders Melchiorsen <> writes:

> Following up on my own message:
> > While editing a text, I marked a region and pressed the Delete key
> > to remove it. My application crashed :-(. Here is a backtrace for
> > Gtk+ 1.2.5. The crash seems to happen only when the widget has to do
> > scrolling to delete the text.
> I have now confirmed this bug in 1.2.6 and furthermore found a way to
> reproduce it in testgtk: First pick the "text" demo from the main
> menu. Now, in the text widget, mark an area at least slightly bigger
> than the visible area. Holding down the shift key and pressing
> PageDown five times does the trick here (but it is probably dependent
> on the font used?). Now pressing the Delete key will crash testgtk.

If somebody provides a patch that looks like it makes sense, I'll
apply it, but I don't plan on doing any more maintainence on
the current text widget myself. (I'd rather spend the time on
getting to the point where it can be replaced with something
more robust.)


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