Re: Unidentified subject!

> On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Antonio Campos wrote:
> > we want to beat Windows or KDE... (By now Windows is quite smooth, and
> > is something desktop users feel instantenously)...
> Last I checked, Windoze still doesn't let you move the window of an app
> has stopped ``responding''. So we can safely say that it has a few
> problems. :)  The smoothness is thanks to advances in the fabrication of

    If I'm not stupid (and I really think that I'm not stupid :) when a GTK
    enters in a blocking loop (just as windows programs when they stop
    it cannot redraw the content of the window. Of course, you can move the
    but this is not GTK+ related (the WM and X lets you resize or move the
    but the window content is still not updated).

> processors and graphics chipsets.

    Not at all. Windows draws fast on an old cirrus logic too :)
    The smoothness is thanks to the way the toolkit is designed. That's why
    using double buffering will help a lot.


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