Re: Widget smoothness (was: Unidentified subject!)

	If I may say my opinion, double buffering can be either good or
terrible, depending on how much free memory the X server has. 
	While the X server has free memory to create pixmaps, everything
works fine and redrawing is usually faster (depending on the widget,
theme, etc.). 
	When the X server stops having enough memory to create offscreen
pixmaps, I'm not sure what would happen. I don't actually know how it
works, but supposing the pixmap has to be created on the client side, then
wverything would become very slow.
	I think it would be safer to keep a boolean in every widget
indicating if double buffering should be used for that widget (instance). 
Then, the user would be able to customize if all widgets would be double
buffered, or gtk would autodetect for each widget if double buffering
should be used, depending on the amount of free X memory. 

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro

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