Re: First pass at double-buffered drawing

> Since there seems to be a strong interest in the idea
> of double-bufferingback, I've checked my current working
> tree into CVS on the branch gtk-no-flicker. 

Very nice!

I tried to figure out on my own a few things, please tell me if I am

	1. The idea is to have as many window-less widgets as possible
           to take as much advange of the setup.

	2. I could not figure out how you do the double buffering.

	   I saw you create the backing pixmap.  But say the pixmap is
	   not relative to 0,0, but to 10, 10, and you draw a line
	   from 0,0 to 20,20 that it actually needs to call XDrawLine
	   with -10,-10, 10,10?


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