Widget smoothness (was: Unidentified subject!)

>  The smoothness is thanks to advances in the fabrication of faster
> processors and graphics chipsets.

	I don't like MS one bit, but this is not necessarily true.
Certain operations are much smoother in MS-Windows than it is in GTK+,
even running on the same "processors and graphics chipsets".

	I don't know anything about the MSFC, but I'm guessing they are
using double-buffering.  Another factor in the illusion of smoothness is
their "smoothscroll" feature, which quickly scrolls down a window only a
few pixels (or one pixel?) at a time rather than jumping down 10 or 20
pixels per keystroke/scrollwheel movement.

	GTK+ 1.4 will have double-buffering, so that problem has already
been addressed.  The real question is, will GTK+ have the smoothscroll
feature (which has alot to do with user interaction but very little to do
with redrawing)?


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