Re: OFF-TOPIC: gcc and comments

Derek Simkowiak <> writes:

>     All,
> 	This is somewhat off topic, my apologies.  I just know somebody
> here has the answer...
> 	I have just taken over a code base of C code that contains C++
> style comments  // like this.
> 	I want to compile this with gcc, but it complains about the non-C 
> comments.  Do I need to use g++, or can I make gcc recognize the //
> comments somehow?
> 	Sorry about the stupid question.  I couldn't find anything about
> this in the man page...

This would be off-topic on gtk-list, or other lists about GTK+
programming. It is utterly off-topic here, which is about
the development of GTK+ itself.

Perhaps you are specifying the -ansi flag? Otherwise gcc does
accept such comments. Look at the info page for GCC.


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