RE: Translation of the GTK-FAQ.

The Copyright Notice at the end of the FAQ details what you need to
do when wanting to use the FAQ in published works. Basically as long
as you keep the Copyright notice, you can include the FAQ.


On 08-Nov-99 David Odin wrote:
>     Hi,
>   I'm writing a book about GTK+ in french. I wanted to add a FAQ in
> the
> last part of the book. This book is going to be sold by Eyrolles
> and is
> *not* open-source. It's a normal book.
>   I was wondering if I'm allowed to translate the GTK-FAQ to put it
> in my book.
> I guess I'll have to credit the authors of the original FAQ.
> Of course, if I'm allowed to include a translation of it in my
> book, I'll
> send the translation back to you so french speaking people can have
> a FAQ.

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