The great move to gdk/x11/

OK, I made an initial commit of moving all the X-specific code
in GDK into the x11/ subdirectory.

I decided against going with include files in favor of simply
using simply using separate object files for the windowing-system
indepedent and dependent parts of each module.

To avoid having duplicate file names (making working with emacs,
etc, easier) I used the naming convention:


Right there is some schizophrenia in the way I handled making
the various structures in GDK suitable for this move:

For some XXXPrivate structures 
(GdkCursorPrivate / GdkRegionPrivate / GdkVisualPrivate)
I moved the private structure wholesale into gdk/x11/gdkprivate-x11.h.

For other XXXPrivate structures
(GdkColormapPrivate / GdkFontPrivate / GdkImagePrivate)
I split the structure into a windowing-system-dependent part
that includes a copy of the window-system-independent part nested

Finally, for a few other structures
(GdkDrawablePrivate / GdkWindowPrivate / GdkGCPrivate)
where windowing-system-independent includes a pointer to 
an auxilliary structure which holds the windowing-system-dependent

This variety corresponds partly to some indecision on my part
as to how things should be, and partly to a real variety in
the circumstances for various structures.

(Eventually, I want GdkDrawable, GdkGC, and probably GdkRegion
to be virtualized sufficiently so that a custom implementation
can be supplied at runtime.)

There will be still some changes in this stuff, but I'll be
interested in hearing from Tor and Shawn what works well for
them, and what doesn't work.

I'd also be interested in comments from anybody else brave enough
to dive into my current mess. (My feeling in checking this in
right now is somewhat akin to the feeling of having visitors without
a chance to clean up one's apartment first.)

I've appended a short module-by-module status summary below.



 Much of the contents have been moved to x11/gtkmain.c. 
 I've added a little argument-parsing abstraction.
 (Currently called gdk_arg_context_*) that allows 
 arguments from multiple places to be combined - that
 probably needs to be either fixed up and moved into
 GLib or replaced with some existing solution like


 This will be removed for GTK+-1.4. Right now, it has been moved
 completely into the x11/ directory to avoid having to port it.


 There are a few common utility functions, and the rest
 is in the port-specific files.


 No shared code - completely port-specific.


 No shared code - completely arch-specific. It's possible that some
 common code for handling GdkDragContext could exist, but the
 GdkDragContextPrivate will be different on each port.


 Pretty much done. GdkDrawable is completely virtualized.


 There are a few common utility functions, and the rest
 is in the port-specific files.


 Pretty much done for now - gdkfont.c contains a number of functions
 reimplemented as utility functions, and the rest is
 ports-specific. It will be obsoleted by pango before 1.4.


 GdkGC is virtualized to go along with GdkDrawable. There are
 a couple of functions I punted on for now and moved into the
 port-specific files - the clipmask functions (because gdkregion
 is not finalized) and also gdk_gc_copy, which I'm not sure
 I like enough to put into the vtable.


 All in the port-specific directories. The abstraction here probably
 will be changed at some point to something more convenient and
 more Unicode-based.


 GdkImage is virtualized - all of the code except for ref/unref
 is in the port-specific files.


 Right now all the code is port-specific. It should be possible 
 to share the code in gdkinputnone.c, but probably not worth it; 
 I'd like to get rid of the gdk_input_vtable in X11 code - 
 it doesn't make sense since you can't switch the type of input
 on the fly.


 All moved into the port-specific file for now. The xpm loader
 should be changed to render with GdkRGB, and thus be 
 windowing-system independent, but that requires
 first making GdkRGB able to render onto any arbitrary visual.


 All port-specific. Possibly should be X-specific with a higher-level
 clipboard API on top of it.


 Right now punted to being port-specific, but that probably needs
 to change with the virtualized drawables and GC's.


 With a few changes to debugging code, it was already port-independent.


 Completely port specific. (In fact, really doesn't make sense
 on anything other than X; a higher-level clipboard facility
 should be provided somewhere, though.)

 Completely port-specific. (The concepts are rather X-specific)


 The window-private data is split between windowing-system independent
 parts and windowing system dependent parts. There are a few
 functions in gdk/gdkwindow.c and the rest is moved off
 into x11/gdkwindow-x11.c

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