Re: CList glitch (some kind o off-topic response)

Karl Nelson wrote:
> I have a fully compatible implementation of glist that does track
> tails.  (There does not need to be a new structure the current
> system could easily have been expanded.)
> It changes the glist structure to
>   struct GList
>     { void * data;
>       GList *next,*prev,*aux
>     };
> Heads and tails are represented as before with NULLs in the next and
> prev,  however, now the aux pointer completes the circular linked list.
> All the algorithms for working through the lists still work without
> modification.
>         next prev aux
> Head  { NEXT, 0, PREV }
> Body  { NEXT, PREV, 0 }
> Tail  { 0, PREV, NEXT }

Why simply not to link the head of the list to the tail, so making 
it circular, not linear? Have someone suggested this idea to glib 
maintainers? No structure change in list items at all. The only
(possibly) bad thing is if someone counts on NULLs in head and 
tail of list. But IMHO such programs are very few, and it is 
bad style to rely on internal representation. So I see no obstacles.


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