Re: External event loop for glib?

> As Danny has pointed out it would be nice to provide functions that give
> enough information to start the run phase of gtk+ at appropriate times
> (descriptors and timers). This probably isn't particulary difficult and
> would solve some problems - at least for me.

This would be very welcome. My current solution is to call
g_main_iteration(0) once every 1/50:th second. It doesn't use any
noticeable amount of CPU (less than 0.001% on a dual PII350), but it's
rather UGLY, really.

A simple 
int msecs = g_next_timeout();


struct timeval next_timeout = g_next_timeout() would be rather

Actually, there is also the problem with idle timers (If there are any 
in the GTK internals, I have no idea).

Per Hedbor                                    

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