Re: External event loop for glib?

Hi Elliot,

Elliot Lee wrote:
> You're still not explaining why you need to use another main loop, so you
> may be putting yourself into a lot of pain for nothing.

Oh, I thought that this is obvious. We have quite some existing software
that uses the other main loop implementation. It's all based on a
library called libFoundation, that is an ObjC-library. This library
provides a class NSRunLoop which is quite similiar to the glib runloop
(well, it has some additional features ..).

> I'm not arguing that there aren't situations where the glib main loop
> doesn't serve all needs. I'm arguing that in this specific situation, you
> haven't yet proven that you can't use the glib main loop :-)

I would have no general problem with glib's main loop and the reason is
not that it is lacking functionality. There are quite some other
'runloops' used around and IMHO it's not nice to force the user into a
specific one.

As Danny has pointed out it would be nice to provide functions that give
enough information to start the run phase of gtk+ at appropriate times
(descriptors and timers). This probably isn't particulary difficult and
would solve some problems - at least for me.


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