Re: [Fwd: glib integer formatting macros]

Hi, Tim 

> something like the below macros definitely belong into glib, though the
> actuall macros need to be somewhat more genric and comprehensive, i.e.
> we should provide G_GUINT_FORMAT and G_GULONG_FORMAT as well if we
> provide G_GUINT32_FORMAT (and probably for the rest of the g* types as
> well for consistency). also, these macros don't feature '%' flags, so
> they should probably be defined without the '%', with that you can do:
> #define G_GUINT32_FORMAT "u"
>    guint32 n = 7;
>    g_print ("Hello agent %03" G_GUINT32_FORMAT "!\n", n);

I have committed a patch doing this. If its not ok, feel free to revert

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