Policy for gdk changes?

Well, now we have the win32 port in the source: I guess
we need a policy for making changes to gdk to keep the
port(s) in sync.
There are two issues: header files and implementations.

In the win32 dir there are 3 header files:
gdk.h, gdktypes.h and gdkprivate.h. I think the changes in
the first two are very little, so it's better to merge the changes
with #ifdef/#endif in the gdk/ directory.

Different implementations (the .c files) are fine in their own

Now to the questions: me (and I think a lot of us) know
nothing about the win32 api, so what should we do when we
make changes to the gdk api? Are the porters required to
read the commit mailing-list and keep up, or are we going
to appoint someone with the g-pumpkin for each port and notify
him of upcoming changes?
A message to this mailing-list could be enough, but I don't know
if it would be fair to the porters.


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