Re: Plans for 1.3/1.4

On Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 05:38:13PM -0600, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Gtk also has built-in "please make an inconsistent UI" features, like 
> gtk_ctree_set_expander_style().
> It is my impression that this is a Gtk design decision, that it is
> following the X "don't impose policy" route. So from that point of view if
> you want a consistent UI you should be using Gnome. Gtk is a lower-level
> library which maintains more flexibility, lighter weight, and perhaps
> window-system independence. (And it is also a good bit more mature,
> cleaner, and less "hacky" than gnome-libs, though that is probably
> an unrelated issue.) 

Actually, I find it funny that some GNOME advocates think GTK+ isn't
suitable for writing applications.  And yet, GIMP is still the best
and most widely used GTK+ application.  ;-)

In any case, it's not like there are any conflicting goals.  We want
a widget which will have decent defaults for GTK+ apps and also allow
GNOME to customize it.  Amazingly, those don't actually conflict at 

Shawn T. Amundson           

"The assumption that the universe looks the same in every
 direction is clearly not true in reality." - Stephen Hawking

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