Re: Plans for 1.3/1.4

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Shawn T . Amundson wrote:
> Actually, I find it funny that some GNOME advocates think GTK+ isn't
> suitable for writing applications.  And yet, GIMP is still the best
> and most widely used GTK+ application.  ;-)

I didn't say that and never have. I am just saying, Gtk does not enforce
much UI policy, and does not provide many of the features Gnome does.
Which means, if you write a Gtk app you have to implement those features
from scratch. Which means, it is harder to write an app in plain Gtk, or a
plain Gtk app will have less features, or a plain Gtk app will be less
bloated. Depending on your point of view.

> In any case, it's not like there are any conflicting goals.  We want
> a widget which will have decent defaults for GTK+ apps and also allow
> GNOME to customize it.  Amazingly, those don't actually conflict at 
> all.

I agree.


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