Re: patch file

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Elena Devdariani wrote:

> Hi developers,
> I put a patch file in /incoming directory on, with the
> argument bindings to the widgets. I wonder whether the patch was
> accepted?   Regards, Elena.

hi elena,

thanx for going through the widgets and extending their argument interface,
i'm currently applying your patches; there are a couple of issues
with your patches though (besides coding style), for instance you've
provided arguments for a lot of widget internal state fields that we
don't want to expose.
apart from that, simply applying the argument value to structure
fields is not sufficient, widgets usually require further action to
be taken upon argument modifications to update their internal state and
often the visual appearance as well.
also, the argument type announced in gtk_object_add_arg_type() has
to match the value access macros for the _set_arg and _get_arg
functions exactly. i've outlined the exact issues in the following:

A - applied
D - patch postponed, this widget may undergo certain changes in 1.3,
    so we defer argument implementation until then (may also indicate
    that the widget's behaviour is broken in some regards, and needs fixing)
P - field is private (probably not even exposed through the C API) and
    should not be exposed through the argument system.
T - argument type is not appropriate or used inconsistently
I - argument ID usage broken
U - widget state is not updated to reflect argument changes
J - junk in patch

gtkaccellabel.c.patch: P
gtkaspectframe.c.patch: A, T
gtkbbox.c.patch: D
gtkcheckmenuitem.c.patch: D
gtkclist.c.patch: A
gtkcolorsel.c.patch: A, T
gtkcombo.c.patch: D
gtkcurve.c.patch: A
gtkeditable.c.patch: P
gtkhandlebox.c.patch: A, I
gtklabel.c.patch: A
gtklayout.c.patch: T
gtklist.c.patch: A, T
gtkmarshal.c.patch: J
gtkmenuitem.c.patch: T
gtknotebook.c.patch: A
gtkobject.c.patch: P, T!!
gtkpaned.c.patch: A
gtkpixmap.c.patch: P
gtkpreview.h.patch: T
gtkpreview.c.patch: A, T
gtkprogress.c.patch: T!
gtkruler.c.patch: A, T
gtkspinbutton.c.patch: P, U, T
gtktipsquery.c.patch: P
gtktoolbar.c.patch: A
gtktooltips.c.patch: D
gtktree.c.patch: D
gtkwidget.c.patch: P

please adhere to the gtk coding style for further contributions, it took
me two hours to manually edit all applied argument patches.

ChangeLog entry for the applied arguments:

Wed Jun  9 12:50:48 1999  Tim Janik  <>

        * applied argument implementation patches from Elena Devdariani

        * gtk/gtktoolbar.c: ::orientation, ::toolbar_style, ::space_size,
        ::space_style, ::relief
        * gtk/gtkruler.c: ::lower, ::upper, ::position, ::max_size
        * gtk/gtkpreview.c: ::expand
        * gtk/gtkpaned.c: ::handle_size, ::gutter_size
        * gtk/gtknotebook.c: ::homogeneous
        * gtk/gtklabel.c: ::wrap
        * gtk/gtklist.c: ::selection_mode
        * gtk/gtkhandlebox.c: ::handle_position, ::snap_edge
        * gtk/gtkcurve.c: ::curve_type, ::min_x, ::max_x, ::min_y, ::max_y
        * gtk/gtkcolorsel.c: ::policy, ::use_opacity
        * gtk/gtkcolorsel.c: ::update_policy, ::use_opacity
        * gtk/gtkclist.c: ::sort_type
        * gtk/gtkcheckmenuitem.c: ::active, ::show_toggle
        * gtk/gtkaspectframe.c: ::xalign, ::yalign, ::ratio, ::obey_child


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