Fix to (apparent) bug in gtk/gtktooltips.c - Any comments?

When you embed a \n in a tooltip, you get a result that is (at least to
me) unexpected.  It apparently decides there's a new paragraph, and it
skips a line, leaving one blank line in between 'paragraphs'.  However
this is very ugly for some things and unnecessary, if you want an extra
blank line you should just do two \n's, as would be expected.  Anyway,
(and this is against 1.2.3), starting on line 292 of gtk/gtktooltips.c,
the following:

      if (text[0] == '\n' && text[1])
       /* end of paragraph and there is more text to come */
       data->row = g_list_append (data->row, 0);

should, as far as I can tell, be removed.  All they do is throw in that
extra blank line of text in the tooltip which can still be gotten with
the addition of two \n's, otherwise the \n will simply 'force' a newline

as is expected (at least by me).



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