Re: icon sizes

Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> >  Is this worth adding to Gdk?
> >  gdk_get_icon_sizes(GdkIconSize** size_list, guint* count)
> [snip]
> Bleah.  I would prefer to add another snippet to the GNOME window
> manager hints document.  You would pass the window manager an RGBA
> image which it could scale to whatever size it wants.  The window
> manager would be then responsible for scaling, color reducing, and
> dithering the image.

Personally I believe that WM interface should only include standard X
objects, mainly for speed/simplicity reasons. 

Icewm supports both KDE way of specifying small/large icon and it's own
way (proposed in the original GNOME wmhints proposal and further
improved by raster),
that allows multiple sized icons. 

Icewm advertises the required sizes (16,32) using the above X mechanism.
If the above mechanism is too limited we need an improved one (or make a
policy mechanism on icon sizes).

And IMHO: scaled icons just suck (small GNOME icons in the menus are
much uglier than KDE ones).

... GUI: WPS.

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