Re: gdk_draw_bitmap?

Bernhard Herzog <> writes:

> Martynas Kunigelis <> writes:
> > Anyway, either the declaration of gdk_draw_bitmap shoud be removed or the
> > function should be implemented. How it can be implemented is another
> > question: perhaps set the bitmap as the gc clip mask, then call
> > gdk_draw_rectangle()?
> The correct way to implement this function is to use XCopyPlane instead
> of the XCopyArea used in gdk_draw_pixmap.
> FWIW, I uploaded a patch for this in June. It hasn't been applied yet.

So you don't feel that your patch is being neglected in particular,
I'll say that no feature patches have been added to GTK+-1.3 at this
point. Basically, there are major structural issues that need to be
resolved first, and we haven't had the time to get to them yet, so
more minor changes are being queued up for later work.

The patch otherwise looked reasonable, and I see no 
reason why it won't be applied. 


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