Re: gdk_draw_bitmap?

Owen Taylor <> writes:

> So you don't feel that your patch is being neglected in particular,

Well, I mainly wanted to point out that there's no real need for anyone
to look for an implementation of gdk_draw_bitmap as I've already done

> I'll say that no feature patches have been added to GTK+-1.3 at this
> point. Basically, there are major structural issues that need to be
> resolved first, and we haven't had the time to get to them yet, so
> more minor changes are being queued up for later work.

Any chance to get the patch into 1.2.x?

The presence of the declaration of gdk_draw_bitmap in gdk.h indicates
IMO that the missing definition in gdkdraw.c is just an oversight in
1.2, and adding the function wouldn't introduce an incompatibility.

> The patch otherwise looked reasonable, and I see no 
> reason why it won't be applied. 


While we're on the topic of bitmap funcions: Is there any particular
reason why there's no equivalent to gdk_pixmap_create_from_xpm, e.g.
gdk_bitmap_create_from_xbm? It's not as if it were difficult to
implement. Most the functionality is already present in Xlib.



Bernhard Herzog	  | Sketch, a drawing program for Unix  |

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