gtk_grab behavior for key presses

I've noticed something a bit odd about the way grabs
work with key presses. Key presses are sent to the
window containing the grab widget instead of the
widget itself. So, for key presses, a grab on
a widget is actually a grab on the toplevel window
containing the widget.

This is responsible for:

During the momentary period where both submenus
are popped down, the grab widget is the menubar,
but the menubar doesn't get the keypress events -
they go to the toplevel window - and since the
menubar doesn't have the focus, it doesn't
receive them at all.

IMO, this is a simple bug, and it should be fixed
in 1.2.x. But if anybody is actually relying
on this behavior, speak up, and we can find some
hack-around for menus.


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