Re: glib.h: defining functions in header file

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999, Scott Michel wrote:

> Arguably, including glib.h and glibconfig.h without expecting to
> link glib is a bad programming practice, since they make internal
> calls to glib anyway.  :-)

Which is exactly what I am complaining about. I suggest that header files
should not make calls to functions; they should declare functions and
preprocessor macros. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I believe that declaring a
function or pre-processor macro is not considered "calling" a function.

Of course, I agree with what I believe to be the spirit of your remark:
including a header file for a library that you are not linking with is
pretty sketchy.

I guess the situation that would be ideal for my case would be to have the
macros (basically everything covered under "GLib Fundamentals" in the
reference manual) defined in a separate header file. So projects which
just wanted to use glib's portability and convenience macros could include
only this header file.


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