Re: Align property

"Sergio A. Kessler" <> writes:

> We now have:
> hbox + vbox + gtk_box_pack_start + gtk_box_pack_end
> what about:
> box + gtk_box_pack + widgets with align property
> align values = (none, left, rigth, top, bottom, client)
> as in Borland libraries.
> ??
> The later is, IMO, a little simpler and more property oriented.

Have you looked at GtkPacker? (It's been in GTK+ for the last 9 months
or so.) It's just like the Tk packer, so it allows the above plus

It doesn't seem to have caught on, though, probably because of the
increased complexity involved.

Personally, when I used Tk, I either ended up using a packer as a HBox
or a VBox, and all other possibilities were pretty much useless, so
I was quite relieved to find GTK+, which was more 
straightforward from my point of view.

As far as properties are concerned, we'd need the concept
of "child arguments" anyways to deal with things like
GtkTable, so I don't see much of a problem in having
them for GtkBox descendents.


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