Re: Align property

> > The later is, IMO, a little simpler and more property oriented.
> Have you looked at GtkPacker? (It's been in GTK+ for the last 9 months
> or so.) It's just like the Tk packer, so it allows the above plus
> more.
> It doesn't seem to have caught on, though, probably because of the
> increased complexity involved.

or because of lack of docs ?
I mean, Packer figure as undocumented in the Gtk tutorial and the
reference manual doesn't help much ...

> Personally, when I used Tk, I either ended up using a packer as a HBox
> or a VBox, and all other possibilities were pretty much useless, so
> I was quite relieved to find GTK+, which was more
> straightforward from my point of view.

from your kind of programming ...  (your interface is freezed)
Suppose you have a RAD environment where you choose to put a widget
inside a windows, then in runtime or design mode, you tell the
widget 'Align to left', 'Align to top', etc
Indeed, how the widget align to the window is widget's bussines, not
window's bussines.

I know this is uncommon in your kind of programming, but is the
norm when you do visual programming (do the interface just creating
objects and modifying properties).
(I know, I know, all of you _hate_ visual programming :)

If I have to create my interface with code by hand, I agree with
you, but i don't find any good reason for doing that.

anyway, I will try to decipher GtkPacker.

  |    Sergio A. Kessler
-O_O-  You can have it Soon, Cheap, and Working; choose *two*.

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