Re: Porting gdk to curses


> > Porting gdk to curses is the hard one. Even here, I've got something
> > working, but I still can not see how hard task is going to be. (I'm in
> > state where testgtk's main screen somehow prints, with few buttons
> > over each other and with arrow keys moving right - if you only touch
> > visible parts).
> I have to admit that I agree with Owen: this doesn't sound like it is
> going to be useful or sound in the long run.  Character-based GUIs have
> considerably different requirements from pixel-addressable GUIs, and any
> translation layer is probably going to have a lot more heuristics then is
> safe. Some stuff can be faked quite easily, but try displaying a _compact_
> and useful button or scroll bar using the normal Gtk widgets.  Colors
> don't even begin to translate in a useful fashion. 

I admit I'll probaly have to modify gtk a bit: I need to separate
width and height. (This is problem for checkboxes: in gtk, their
height is same as width - which is not acceptable.

I need checkbuttons to look like [x] this, where same height and width
ovbviously is not acceptable.

> The appropriate approach, IMO, is to put together something like Gdk, but
> for character mode (Cgdk?), and then port Gtk to the Cgdk platform,
> redesiging the widgets as necessary. 

I redesigned widgets: But I used theme to make it outside of gtk. So I
actually have [ Buttons ] [ working ], <-------       > scrollbars
being displayed, [x] checkboxes checking, and radio buttons (o)
switching. Gtk modifications are minimal (cleanup of X calls and
non-square checkbuttons). [I'll post "screenshots" soon :-)].
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