Re: Porting gdk to curses

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> > Porting gdk to curses is the hard one. Even here, I've got something
> > working, but I still can not see how hard task is going to be. (I'm in
> > state where testgtk's main screen somehow prints, with few buttons
> > over each other and with arrow keys moving right - if you only touch
> > visible parts).
> Exactly.  The problem is that GDK is a layer on top of an existing
> windowing system.  So you will need to provide this windowing system.
> I do want people to work on a frame-buffer port of Gdk (thus making a
> port to ggi or whatever very simple), and this port also shares the
> need for a very primitive windowing system.
> So work on a common thin windowing system would be a good place to
> start.

ggi is considerably more than a frame-buffer - it includes
drawing primitives for things like lines. There is also a 
simple windowing system that layers on top which ships
with libggi, IIRC.

So, I don't think a frame-buffer port of GDK would be
the the right way to port to ggi.

  I'm avoiding the question of curses. I just don't think
  that porting GDK to curses is going to work. You can't
  draw things on a terminal the same way you do on a 
  framebuffer. A port of the GTK+ API to text mode might
  be possible, though it would be a lot of work.


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