Re: Plans for 1.3/1.4

On Sun, Feb 28, 1999 at 03:44:48PM +0100, Roland Bock wrote:
> > If you have other plans for significant or even
> > non-significant changes you want to make for
> > GTK+-1.4, this would be a very good time to speak
> > up. (Wishlists from people who don't intend to write
> > code will mostly, though not completely, ignored)
> Hi!
> During the development of gtl+-1.2 I sent in a patch that allows the use
> of filters for the file selection dialog (so that you may opt to show
> only *.gif and *.bmp for example). Sadly enough it was a bit too late
> and did not make it into 1.2. It would be nice to see it in 1.4 (I would
> send in an updated patch of course, if needed)
> Another thing for the file selection dialog is: At the present time
> files starting with . like .xinitrc or directories like .enlightenment
> are not shown in the lists. This is useful most of the time, but
> annoying sometimes. A flag controlling this behaviour would be great,
> too.

I think it's about time for a new file selector.  The current one is not
very good I don't think.

If I go crazy enough using this one I may take a stab at rewriting it.
Anyone think of any good design ideas ?

I had a thought, and I don't know if it's a good idea or not, but you could
keep a history and/or bookmarks for the file selector, possibly saving state
in a user dotfile.

Is this unreasonable ?


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