Re: New 'GObject' as base for GtkObject?

> You aren't going to convince anyone that the GTK core developers are
> out-of-date idiots and you are some kind of programming genius (unless
> you maybe point us to your cool code). So why not take it off the
> list.
Well, part of *allowing* yourself to be convince by it and to actually
look at other *modern* object systems. The current system is just plain
barbaric. Anybody with any experience outside of X and Gtk would make
the same comments.

Much of problems with GtkObject seems to be related to what I call a
"least common denomiator" of software engineering understanding, where
folks intentionally narrow their view of a problem just to get it done
without proper design.

Whether you or other folks like it or not that's pretty much the truth
of the situation with GtkObject since it creates artificial problems that
don't need to be solved.

Programming in with this kit is very close to interacting with Java's
JVM directly at the C language interface level, which is just insane.

> Havoc


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