Re: Timescale issues

Derek Simkowiak <> writes: 
> 	It would make sense to contact the primary maintainers of the
> major Linux distributions to see when their next releases are planned.  If
> we could time the release of 2.0 with the release of another major Redhat
> and/or Debian (et. al) release, it would reduce the distribution headache
> and give people like me an install base to target.

There is very little chance that any of the commercial distributions
will tell you release dates, and Debian may tell you but won't make
the date. ;-)

> 	I'm mostly an applications developer, so from the perspective of
> the "user" I'd like to suggest not releasing a 1.4, and shooting for a 2.0
> release in April.

One consideration is that this probably means either delaying GNOME
2.0 by a few months, or not putting the new GTK in GNOME 2.0.


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