Re: gdk_draw_bitmap?

Owen Taylor <> writes:

> Bernhard Herzog <> writes:
> > Any chance to get the patch into 1.2.x?
> > 
> > The presence of the declaration of gdk_draw_bitmap in gdk.h indicates
> > IMO that the missing definition in gdkdraw.c is just an oversight in
> > 1.2, and adding the function wouldn't introduce an incompatibility.
> It wouldn't introduce backwards incompatibility, but it
> would mean that we would have programs that would
> only work with GTK+ 1.2.4 or higher. Which is something
> we try to avoid. Feature creep forces users of a library to
> keep continually upgrading.

Hmm, this could be construed as an argument against bug fixes in
general, because programs written with a newer version might well rely
on those bug fixes and fail to work with older, broken versions. :-)

However, I can understand your argument and would probably continue
using a workaround for quite some time after the function has been added
to spare my users yet another upgrade.

> > While we're on the topic of bitmap funcions: Is there any particular
> > reason why there's no equivalent to gdk_pixmap_create_from_xpm, e.g.
> > gdk_bitmap_create_from_xbm? It's not as if it were difficult to
> > implement. Most the functionality is already present in Xlib.
> Probably because nobody really has wanted it ... bitmaps
> are usually small enough to inline.

Yes, when you're writing in C or C++. Since I'm using Python for Sketch,
I can't just #include them and having the bitmaps in separate files has
the added benefit that they can be easily replaced, even by the user.

Maybe I'll implement it.



Bernhard Herzog	  | Sketch, a drawing program for Unix  |

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