Re: entry widget bug?

On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Patrick wrote:
> in entry widgets? that seems a bit odd.. is there any

Well, the right/left keys work as you would expect for entry widgets.

> way i can get around that without having to recompile
> gtk with the changes? without the changes it will put
> the previous link in the history in then the entry
> widget will lose focus.

Look at gtk_window_key_press_event() in gtkwindow.c to see what's going
on. Basically, Gtk checks whether the focused widget handles the event
(returns TRUE from the handler), if not it sees if there is an accelerator
in the window's accel group that handles the key, if not it does the
builtin key bindings (arrow keys, space bar, etc.)

Thus I would think you could override the arrow keys by subclassing
GtkEntry and adding a new key event handler. It might also work to just
connect a callback that returns TRUE, but I don't really know (I would
think so, but I seem to remember trying it and having it not work - on the
other hand that was a weird situation).


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