glib pseudo random number generator has landed.


The pseudo random number generator for glib has landed. It is implemented
in the file grand.c. Remaining issues are:

1. Is it possible to make glib dependent on '-lm' (the math lib), I would
   like to add code to generate a normal distributed (as opposed to a
   equal distributed random number). I need the math lib for that. The
   code is uncommented for the time being. I'm willing to remove it, if
   -lm is unwelcome (what I can perfectly comprehend).

2. An open question is the technique to get an integer in a certain range.
   Can we use a rand % max or do we have to use the code as it is now
   (going through doubles). I've heard many different opinions on that.
   Now it's 'save and slow'.

3. I have added a passus to the AUTHORS file. I hope this is ok.

Sebastian Wilhelmi                   |            här ovanför alla molnen           |      är himmlen så förunerligt blå   |

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