Re: glib-1.3

> I don't like to look backward, and even though I understand the problems
> that arise from the use of development versions, they are not my problems--
> they are GIMP and GTK and GNOME and Mozilla problems.  

At some point glib 1.3 will be released, I guess it can even be
released in a minute by whoever is on charge.  

In short: I do not care about the release dates for glib 1.3.

What I do care is the fact that I will not be able to use librepo if
it does not work with glib 1.2.  My code is aimed to work for the
GNOME 1.0 distribution, because this is aimed to give users a working
and usable system.  

Now, given these constraints, can you provide me a librepo that would
work with glib 1.2?


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