Re: glib-1.3

Quoting Miguel de Icaza (
> > I just released Xdelta-1.1.0 and it depends on glib-1.3.0 but there
> > is no such publically available glib version.  Would it be possible
> > for someone to make a release?
> I am worried Josh.
> If people start installing glib 1.3 things you will run into the
> problem we have been facing: users that do not use a packaging system
> should be real good at configure/prefix or should end up choosing
> between GIMP, GNOME or Xdelta.

Smaller libraries with more dependencies should move faster, I think.
Glib is not changing very rapidly.  There has been new code that I was
told *would not* be accepted into the 1.2 branch a long time ago.  The
Queue code for example.  So I couldn't add it to 1.2 back then, and I
can't get a release of 1.3 now?  This is effectively saying that for about
6 months I can't use glib's current version because of GTK, and I don't
like that.  Glib IS stable, and I think that we the glib developers can 
guarantee backward compatibility for any changes between now and August,
really I do.  I don't think glib's version number should be tied to
GTK because it only causes problems.  There has been little activity in
the glib branch of late, and I'm genuinely using 1.3.  I've been working
around the IMHO bogus vesion numbering dependencies between GTK and Glib
for much too long.  I've been having glib trouble since the very first
version of Xdelta, for over a year and a half.  Is glib-1.3 not backward
compatible with glib-1.2, or is it really not?


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